Take DailyMail.com’s 2022 politics quiz to see how much YOU have kept up in the last year

Twelve months in politics can seem like a lifetime, and 2022 was no different.

Bills were signed, the Supreme Court handed down historic decisions, millions of Americans headed to the ballot box and President Joe Biden finished off his second year in the White House.

Republicans and Democrats went to battle in the midterms while the nation dealt with historic inflation and the world got to grips with the fallout of Vladimir Putin‘s invasion of Ukraine.

2023 looks set to be just as hectic, with eyes on the candidates who could announce their 2024 runs for president and the GOP taking over the House.

So, while you prepare, DailyMail.com has a series of questions to test your knowledge of the last 12 months in the corridors of power.

1) What did President Joe Biden do this year that no president has done in history?

a) Adopt a puppy

b) Turn 80 in office

c) Drive a car

d) Fall down airplane steps

2) In September, Biden called out the late Rep. Jackie Walorski in a speech after she was killed in a car crash. In which state was her congressional district?

a) Wisconsin

b) Indiana

c) Ohio

d) Illinois

3) Who was married at the White House this year?

a) Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen

b) Naomi Biden and Peter Neal

c) Ashley Biden and Howard Krein

d) Valerie Biden and John Owens

4) …and after this couple banned reporters from the ceremony, which magazine  featured them on the cover?

a) Vogue

b) Vanity Fair

c) Elle

d) Harper’s Bazaar

5) What were the results of the 2022 midterm elections?

a) The Republicans won the House and the Senate

b) The Democrats maintained control of Congress

c) The Democrats maintained control of the House and the Republicans won the Senate

d) The Republicans won the House and the Democrats maintained the Senate

6) At the November Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit in Cambodia, Biden thanked this nation instead of the host in a blunder

a) Canada

b) Colombia

c) Costa Rica

d) Cameroon

7) This is the name of the Supreme Court case that overturned abortion rights in the United States

a) Roe v. Wade

b) Planned Parenthood v. Casey

c) Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

d) Griswold v. Connecticut

8) After the above ruling, which state’s voters rejected an August ballot measure that would removed protection for abortion rights in its constitution?

a) Kentucky

b) Kansas

c) West Virginia

d) Michigan

9) This former president returned to the White House to have his official portrait unveiled

a) Donald Trump

b) Bill Clinton

c) Barack Obama

d) George W. Bush

10) Who did House Democrats select to become the new leader of the caucus once House Speaker Nancy Pelosi steps down?

a) Rep. Jerry Nadler

b) Rep. Hakeem Jeffries

c) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

d) Rep. Jim Clyburn

11) What prominent member of Congress had their election go to an automatic recount because it was so unexpectantly close?

a) Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

b) Rep. Lauren Boebert

c) Rep. Ilhan Omar

d) Rep. Kevin McCarthy

12) Who did Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson replace on the Supreme Court?

a) Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

b) Justice Stephen Breyer

c) Justice Anthony Kennedy

d) Justice Merrick Garland

13) Which Trump-backed Republican Senate candidate won his election in a midterms night deemed disappointing for the former president?

a) Herschel Walker

b) J.D. Vance

c) Dr. Mehmet Oz

d) Blake Masters

14) Who became the first official candidate of the 2024 presidential race with an announcement in mid-November?

a) Donald Trump

b) Ron DeSantis

c) Joe Biden

d) Bernie Sanders

15) Which country was honored with the first state dinner of the Biden administration?

a) The United Kingdom

b) Japan

c) France

d) Ukraine

16) Biden went to Arizona in early December and was asked why he wasn’t visiting the border. His explanation was:

a) ‘My schedule his too busy’

b) ‘It’s too far away’

c) ‘There are more important things’

d) ‘It is too dangerous’

17) Gas prices rose in 2022 amid historic inflation. What was the nationwide average peak of a price per gallon in mid-June, according to the AAA

a) $3.89

b) $4.54

c) $5.01

d) $5.32

e) $5.67

18) This prominent Republican Trump critic lost their 2022 primary and will be leaving Congress in January:

a) Rep. Adam Kinzinger

b) Rep. Liz Cheney

c) Sen. Lisa Murkowski

d) Rep. Denver Riggleman

19) Which of the below funerals did Biden not attend this year?

a) Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

b) UK’s Queen Elizabeth II

c) Former Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo

d) Former U.S. Senator Harry Reid

20) Who is the tallest person ever elected to Congress?

a) Rep. Tom McMillen

b) Sen.-elect John Fetterman

c) Sen. Alan Simpson

d) Sen. Bill Bradley

21) Which member of Congress switched parties in 2022?

a) Sen. Bernie Sanders

b) Sen. Joe Manchin

c) Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

d) Sen. Chuck Schumer

22) Joe Biden could announce his 2024 presidential bid in the new year, how many times has he run for the White House before?

a) 5

b) 4

c) 7

d) 3

23) Who did Biden call a ‘stupid son of a b***’ during a press conference in January?

a) Jake Tapper

b) Chris Wallace

c) Peter Doocy

d) Chanel Rion

24) Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney said when he was a child, his family ate this when they were struggling with rising prices

a) Macaroni cheese

b) Hot Pockets

c) Chef Boyardee

d) SpaghettiOs

25)  Just before Christmas, Congress passed the omnibus spending bill. What was the final amount?

a) $1.5 trillion

b) $1.7 trillion

c) $1.9 trillion

d) $2 trillion

26) Where was Biden when he fell of his bike in June

a) Wilmington, Delaware

b) Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

c) Camp David, Maryland

d) The White House