What is a Conservatic?  I don’t know, really.  Well, at least I didn’t know when this all started.  When I created Conservatics.com, I was just simply trying to find a creative and catchy name.  I wanted something that would clearly show this website was founded on the principles of conservatism.  I did not want your typical washed up trans-jacked run of the mill angry liberal ranting blog, claiming to inform people of “important” social news.  Those fake news sites are a dime a dozen.  I wanted something fresh, something different.  I thought, “Hey, I can combine the word ‘Conservative’ with ‘Politics’ and make something awesome!”   I could combine news aggregation with the concept of an online community, while fostering conservative principles.  Conservatics.com was born.

You are probably sitting there, scratching your head and asking the question, “Why do we need another conservative website in 2020?”  I asked the same thing.  Yet, here we are.  I have frequented many websites like Drudge, Fox, Breitbart and others over the years.  I’ve used their forums or discussion boards.  I made many friends on these news sites.  I’ve pissed off and trashed countless trolls.  I’ve had a lot of fun while staying informed of politics and current affairs.

Over the last 5 years, the fun and entertaining journey took a turn.  Conservative websites started turning moderate or liberal.  Negative left-leaning fake news stories were rampant, making the truth difficult to decipher.  Censorship exploded!  There seemed to be more banned words than approved words while posting.  Posters couldn’t even type certain names of people without their comments being moderated.  Commenters on the boards were being banned at will.  What I thought were conservative websites became cesspools of paid trolls and incel junkies.  No free thought.  No free speech.   The comment boards were overrun by completely braindead retarded, yet divisive trolls.  There are organizations which exist and pay fat lazy slobs to sew discord among the conservative online community.  Political Action Committees (PACs) pay out millions to create chaos and contention.  They have destroyed websites by dividing online communities, posting lies about political figures and commenters on the boards and by harassing people completely off the boards.

Organizations like Share Blue (now known as the American Independent), Media Matters and others enlist low IQ peons to carry out political guerrilla warfare on Websites, Political Groups and Pundits.  They attack comment boards and go after advertisers because they want to strong arm the free speech ideology.  They perpetuate false narratives, fake news and flat out lies.  They demand herd group think and allegiance to the ideas of politically correct conformation.  There are those who seek to destroy the ideas of free thought and liberty.

Conservatics.com is different.  A lot different.  Conservatics.com was founded and established because my friends and I could not speak freely on other websites.  A dear friend and an incredibly influential commenter here nudged me to do this.  She pushed me to start a site where anyone can say anything and not be harassed by pestering dolts.  We built the platform and the name, and I thank her for that. Our conservative foundation is sound.  Our principles are unwavering.  Our message is loud and clear.  Conservatics is a free speech platform.  Your thoughts and opinions across the political spectrum are welcome.  We just simply do not cater to paid trolls or those who seek to divide, harass or intimate.  Conservatics.com gives you the tools stay informed, to have fun productive conversations with others and to have a place where you can post freely without being censored.  

Conservatics.com is committed to providing a free-thinking platform that harbors free speech.  However, let me be clear: No threats including lies, sewing seeds of discord, targeted harassment, creepy stalking, intentional false attacks, spamming and blunt force attacks from any funded or paid troll will be eliminated promptly.  Without question.  You will not win.

The Free Speech Movement will win every time.  Truth Prevails. Game Over.

Again, I ask: What is a Conservatic?  Simple.  A Conservatic is a well-informed individual who loves their God-given rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and they are willing to stand up and protect those rights against any and all threats.

I Am A Conservatic