An Ode to Conservatics

It was the night before Christmas and all through the site,

people were commenting, gearing up for the night

The lurkers were orbiting watching our every move.

Anti was posting pictures of his wife’s food.

DeplorableDKAG stopped by to post a few links,

and BobWhite was getting riled up after only a few drinks.

I was posting my usual hot takes,

Altnh, Gary, and Greg were goofing off with Jake.

Sarah was posting her holiday meal fears

and Pinkos was posting jokes about queers

Val and Tiger were battling it out with memes

While SJS was posting his Covid mandate workaround schemes

Brick and Polar were on the verge of a fight,

while Northside was trying to calm things for the night

Possum and Flatt stopped by to add a few thoughts

while John Snow was entertaining us with his ominous plots

Bangies had us all laughing in tears

with his unique sense of humor ironic and dear

Ken was posting about the game, hoping CD would return and claim

That Michigan was the best by far, and every other team was subpar

Cooker was arguing with the anti-vax,

and TT stopped by to show off his ass

Nipper was posting kind words for all,

Cindy was talking about women short, sexy, and tall

Sammy was posting about Biden’s last speech

Davy was pissed wanting the RINO’s to impeach

Gio was seducing us all with his Italian charm

while Walter was lurking, trying to not raise any alarms

Mario was posting a Canadian’s take

and NoPC was exclaiming the news was fake

BF Justin was posting music videos and Baby Schiff was feeling a little alone

Sportski stopped in only to exclaim that “Biden Sucks and life will never be the same”

Iknowall was posting about the press secretaries latest lies

and Baca was spitting wisdom from experienced eyes.

Max stopped in to say hello, his newfound life has him busy and on the go

DeJuggler decided to stay away and save his thoughts for a rainy day

Harry was cheerful, all happy and spry,

GodsaveAmerica was discussing Christmas pies

Nofixin and John were preparing for guests but stopped by to give us their best.

Jwags stopped in to yell, “Let’s go Brandon”, Joe Biden can go to hell”

Angry Tiger updating us on the condition of his eye, stopped in to offer a brief Christmas Hi.

Nem was lurking with some regret. The faking your own death idea was probably not the best.

Masspatriot and Marvin were posting about the news of the day,

wishing the election of 2020 went the other way.

Castle, Bry, and Stupid Lefties all came around,

tiptoeing around the interwebs, they do make their rounds.

And finally, there’s Westie, so classy, so kind, with intellectual talking points from her brilliant mind.

This is it, my ode is done, a dedication to you, written with love

Letting you know I hold you all dear, within my heart, your voices so near.

Embrace your families and hold them tight. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

Authors footnote*  If I missed anyone at all, my sincerest apologies.