Avoiding Starvation in a Socialist Amerika

Hello my fellow Americans, patriots and Trump supporters.

As we all know we got robbed of our republic and now stare at a very dystopian future. We only have history to guide us but as Winston Churchill said, ” The farther you look back, the further you can look ahead.” The three historical points this article is based on are,
  1. Socialism’s horrible track record of failure and death, mostly by starvation.
  2. Obama’s slow managed decline of the economy.
  3. The recent deep freeze in the southwest that showed how solar and wind can’t be counted on in adverse conditions and high demand.
This article will focus on the worst case scenario, stuck in the cities/suburbs and avoiding starvation from the economic misery of socialism.
The economy is going to tank, that is their plan. Now is the time to stock up on non perishables. The items you want will need to be sealed, have a long shelf life and not require refrigeration. Since you will be dealing with shortages of all kinds, power outages for extended periods and boil water orders, you will be rationing food. You must make your meals count. Some of the items to stock up on now:
  • Peanut butter: lots of protein, no need to refrigerate after opened.
  • Canned fruit and veggies: basic food groups and checks all boxes.
  • Canned tuna: Omega 3’s, protein BONUS: It helps the body produce testosterone for muscle mass.
  • Protein / energy bars: decent nutrition and can tide you over between meals.
  • Bottled water: if you are under a boil water order and the power is out, you will be thirsty for a while.
I hope this was helpful and wish all of you the best and God speed.