Biden Admin Uses Taxpayer Dollars To Enable Smugglers

Fox Nation host Lara Logan said Saturday that the Biden administration’s border polices amount to “subsidizing human trafficking of children and adults.”

“We are subsidizing human trafficking of children and adults: men and women,” Logan told Fox News’ “Watters’ World”

“The administration uses taxpayer dollars — your money, my money — every taxpayer in America. When they use their funds to transport these kids all over the country and send them into different markets, different areas first to live in for the cartels, different markets for sex trafficking and other cartel activity,” Logan continued.


Logan said the interaction between the government and cartels is unprecedented and insisted “the Biden administration knows full well that all of the children coming across the border are being processed too quickly for anyone to know who they really are, who they belong to and where they are really going.”

She said she has spoken to sources at the border who have told her that all of the children apprehended by the border patrol are “trained to say ‘I’m coming to go to school or for a better life … ‘” and that they “all say exactly the same thing.”

But after they leave the custody of the non-governmental organizations and the Department of Health and Human Services, Logan says the children confess that they don’t know why they are in the United States and say, “My parents sold me for $100.”

After visiting the U.S.-Mexico border, Republican New York Rep. John Katko said March 15 that the situation there is “a human tragedy” that primarily benefits smugglers and drug traffickers.

Republican Texas Sen. John Cornyn said March 14 that Mexican cartels are making huge profits from human smuggling during the current border crisis, with rates going as high as $15,000 for people coming from Europe or the Middle East.

Biden’s eight-year path to citizenship plan would allow all illegal immigrants living in the U.S. as of Jan. 1, 2021 to achieve temporary legal status in five years and to apply for citizenship after an additional three years.