Buckle Up

I thought long and hard about this article and which subject to write about but to be honest, the United States is a literal dumpster fire right now and no one has a grip on the firehose to put it out.

From Afghanistan to Covid vaccine mandates to the onslaught of woke media, woke social media, and woke corporations gaslighting every single person on the planet, what do I tell you about that you don’t already know?

I could discuss solutions but as you all know, I am not the man behind the curtain in the land of Oz – I don’t pull levers and solutions or ideas come to my mind. We have mid-terms coming up next year but (there’s always a but), after all the election irregularities in 2020, I struggle with the idea that our elections are still free and fair. I never dreamed that we would be here. That we would fall this far.

Truth is, we passed the point of no return years ago. The election of Donald Trump was merely a temporary cog tossed into the massive corrupt machine otherwise referred to as the government and it gets worse each coming day. Before they hid their corruption behind closed doors and in secret phone calls. Today they blatantly flaunt it in our faces with a message that is loud and clear – “We hold the power, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop us”. The illusion is gone, the ruse is clear. The all-out assault on democracy and the quiet subterfuge of those in authority is in our face.

Democrats are pros at bait and switch. They can have hundreds of priorities happening simultaneously that complete their agenda while they squash the causes of millions of Americans in the same breath. A state will introduce a state law regarding abortions, the democrats will feign outrage. The news media will prioritize their talking points. Americans will then focus on abortion and ignore the fact that our southern borders are wide open. I see the depravity that abortion breeds. Excuse me for choosing to focus on issues that affect the living. Yes, every life matters but if we don’t fix the border crisis, we’re not going to have a country fit for the unborn to be born into. Millions of Americans are gulled into prioritizing abortion while the crisis at the border grows.

At the same time, we have all these websites and companies coming out with woke ideas and woke talking points. Wokeflation. The practice of all of them competing with increasingly absurd articles and ideas because they kept getting clicks on Twitter, regardless if the clicks are negative or positive (“No press is bad press”), while readers and customers became more desensitized until the ceiling of absurdity is reached, and people forget or ignore the sins of the past. I never forget whom I should be boycotting and why. It’s important to remember the role culture plays in the roots of every genocide or every war that has ever been fought.

As for me, I don’t have any answers. All I have is plenty of frustration I am at a loss as to how to fix it. The left controls every institution that holds any power. There’s no one left to talk to but each other. There’s no one left to tell but each other. Nobody listens and no one cares aside from those who are most affected by the death of those who died in Afghanistan, or the families of those whose life has been cut short by the actions of an illegal immigrant, or the taxpayer who is funding the resettlement of Afghan refugees. My advice‚Ķbuckle up because we’re in for a hell of a ride.