“Come On WSJ, Put Your RINO Hatred of Me Away…Our Country Is Going to HELL!!!” – President Trump to Wall Street Journal

President Trump was on a roll this morning.  He released a couple of ‘Truths’ on his Truth social media site.

He started off with the truth about what is going on in the GOP’s Senate race in Pennsylvania.  After nearly a week, we still don’t have the final results of that election.

Shortly after posting the truth above, President Trump released another truth regarding the Wall Street Journal editorial board.  The President shared that the WSJ should wake up to the corrupt election process in this country.

The WSJ has been a Trump-hating machine since he first took the escalator down and announced his candidacy for President.  Even though President Trump did so much for America and the American economy, even though he brought peace to the world, even though he brought energy independence to the US, the WSJ hated him.  Because of this, many stop caring what the WSJ had to say.

Now with the country being destroyed by the same gang that stole the 2020 Election, President Trump is encouraging the RINOs at the WSJ to wake up.