Crenshaw says MTG is either a ‘Democrat or an idiot’ and tells her to stop ‘playing the victim’ in spat over COVID testing and her Twitter ban

  • The Georgia GOP rep’s account – @mtgreenee – was axed Sunday 
  • Greene said she was suspended for sharing a tweet citing numbers from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System 
  •  A Twitter spokesperson said: ‘We permanently suspended @mtrgreene for repeated violations of our COVID-19 misinformation policy’
  • This is the fifth strike for Greene, who was last suspended in August
  • Texas Rep. Crenshaw blasted her for playing the ‘victim’
  • He touted his legislation to change communications law 
  • Greene ripped Crenshaw for attacking ‘America First Republicans’ and said it was ‘because he (not so secretly) hates Trump’