Dem Mayor Bans Dancing (and Standing) at DC Weddings

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s tyrannical coronavirus restrictions are getting backlash for moving backwards as the country reopens.

The Democrat mayor banned dancing and standing at wedding receptions, including both indoor and outdoor, FOX 5 reports.

This comes as she lifted a mask mandate for fully vaccinated people, only to backtrack and reinstate it less than 24 hours later, according to Mediaite.

As part of Bowser’s new order, businesses are instructed to require people to wear masks or show their vaccine cards to prove their fully vaccinated status.

The wedding order is especially disappointing and shocking for any brides and grooms looking forward to their big day.

“A lot of the country is reopening at this point, so to me, no dancing or even no standing at the reception, seems like it’s a little more stepping backwards instead of moving to that normalcy we’re all looking forward to,” bride Jillian Harig told the D.C. FOX affiliate.

But wedding planners, especially, were blindsided by the mayor’s orders, as Virginia and Maryland have less strict orders.

The mayor’s office told FOX 5 the order was issued because people behave differently when they are able to stand or dance and could be a safety hazard.