Democrats Illegally Blocked Republican Observers from Entering Vote Counting Areas – Republicans Allow the Whole World to View Maricopa Audit

The differences could not be more clear.  The Democrats in cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, wouldn’t allow Republicans into the vote-counting area.  These cities swung the election.

Now Republicans are behind an audit in Maricopa County that allows the whole world to watch in the most transparent election audit ever.

After the election, Republicans were forcefully prevented from watching the election counting in Philadelphia.  Democrats broke the law in preventing Republicans in the room but law enforcement did nothing.  This was a shock to those who believe in law and order.

In Michigan Republican poll watchers were assaulted and then removed from the room and Republicans were prevented from entering the room.

In Philidelphia, Republicans were forcefully prevented from entering the vote-counting area and law enforcement did nothing.

In Atlanta, Republicans were removed from the premises and then Democrats pulled suitcases out from under the table and began shoving the same ballots through the tabulation machines two and three times.  This was captured on video but no charges have been made.

In Arizona Rep. Gosar was prevented from entering the vote-counting area.  The entire state knew something corrupt was going on.

In Las Vegas, Republicans wanted to check the votes but the Democrats wouldn’t let them. Ambassador Richard Grenell said “Transparency is NOT political.

So now the Republicans in the Arizona Senate are behind an audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 Election results.  This is likely the most transparent audit in history!

After months of legal challenges and political theater from the Democrats in the state, the Arizona Senate is finally able to have an audit performed of the 2020 Election results in Maricopa County, the state’s largest county.  But something is very different with this audit when compared to the counting of ballots that was performed in a select few cities after the 2020 Election.

Where the cities and states noted above prevented Republicans from getting near their vote-counting process, this audit may be the most transparent audit ever.  [I have been involved in literally hundreds of audits around the globe, in places like the US, Canada, the UK, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Argentina, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and more.  I have never been filmed performing the audits I have been involved in.]

What the auditors in the Maricopa audit are doing is best in class.  I have never seen any audit provide as much transparency as this audit in Maricopa!

This should be the standard going forward for every election in every state.  Similar audits of the ballots should be performed before the results are certified in every state.  This process will get better and become more efficient in the future, and this process will provide voters the confidence that their results are valid and include only valid votes.