From Sinaes…

∗Writers note: I realize this is not the normal op-ed you get from me. I insisted that this be put here for those that do not know this story. It’s a story that needed to be told and one that needed to be heard. While I do try to stick to entertaining you I feel it’s important to sometimes give you the bad with the good and call out things that are not right. Whether it be on a grand scale involving us all or a call out of terrible things happening to one of our own on a more personal level. I appreciate the time you take to read this and your feedback. It is my hope that it will open the eyes of some who have unknowingly been pulled into this mess by very self-centered and selfish people. Also, it is mainly for Val and a testament to her and her dedication to all of us, this site, and our former president.

I was once a lurker at Breitbart mostly gleaning over comments and chuckling to myself every now and then. I have always said you gain more from listening to others than talking over them.  I have always been a great listener and I believe that aspect of me adds to my character and how well I am at judging others.

One day, while reading the comments a poster arrived by the name of Val. I loved reading her take on all things Trump. Some silly, some serious but never a shadow of doubt in my mind of her total dedication to all things Trump. We shared many of the same thoughts and goals when it came to America First and Trump’s policies. I found myself searching for her comments in particular. One day she wrote something and I decided that I was going to respond. I believe Val was my first response ever in Disqus. She inspired me to join the conversation. I am a better person because of her and I have had the privilege of sharing conversations with many great people since that first day. We’ve shared laughter, triumph, defeat, tears, you name it, we’ve been through it all on our America first journey. I wouldn’t have missed any of it for the world.

Unfortunately during this, Breitbart seemed to pick up a few posters who hid their intent behind support for our Commander in Chief. Our president. Where someone like Val was happy to have more people on the Trump train, there were those that would attack other posters who I knew to be loyal Trump people. I watched the comment section change like night and day. I watched people disappear. It saddened me to see these people go because I think for some posters it wasn’t about coming together and ricocheting the attacks of the left. It became a competition of who had the most support for Trump and in other cases, it was for far more nefarious reasons that I won’t go into here.

I witnessed a relentless verbal assault on Val, on her character, on her very name. I read when people thought no one was reading. I know who most of them are. Val stood strong through the barrage of attacks by these people. Her support and courage never waivered. Val took a troll bat to these people and laid the smackdown. When these people figured out they couldn’t beat her with words they went after her posts, mass flagging and reporting everything she wrote. They even somehow managed to have her name banned. All because they were threatened by her very presence.

There are people among us that are just able to capture the attention of a room without ever trying. Val is one of those people. She is a born leader.  She’s taken a lot of heat for that, she’s been through so much more than most of us could ever endure, and yet she persists in her undying dedication to America First, Donald Trump, and here at Conservatics. She keeps the news rolling, the trolls exterminated, and comments all while working a full-time job. That alone should speak volumes about the type of person she is. She’s been lied about and slandered. I’ve watched this all take place firsthand. She’s stood strong through it all.

While it may seem that these things that have been said and done to Val have little to no effect on her I can tell you if you think that…you’re wrong. Take a minute and put yourself in her shoes. Ask yourself, just how much of this you could withstand? Val has been their target since the get-go. All because she loved everything Trump. She never did anything to deserve the complete bullshit of lies and deceit she receives on a daily basis. I read their lies. Yes. They know who they are and so do I.

Thank you Val. Thank you for doing the work of 4 people to keep this little refuge alive. Thank you for being there whenever we need you. Thank you for everything you do!