Graham Warns Trump Team About Presenting Evidence of Election Fraud In Front of Senate

Lindsay Graham Offers Support for Liz Cheney and Then Warns the Trump Team About Attempting to Present Evidence of Election Fraud In Front of the Senate

Lindsey Graham is back to being himself.  After sucking up to President Trump to help him win an election, he attempts to intimidate the President while supporting bitter war monger Liz Cheney who voted to impeach the most popular President in US history.

Lindsey Graham is the friend nobody wants.  He’ll smile at your face while stabbing you in the back.

Earlier today Senator Graham let Liz Cheney know he supported her. Cheney recently voted to impeach President Trump. Most Americans, the majority that voted for President Trump, vehemently disagreed with Cheney’s actions.

Graham and his good friend in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, are on the same side of Cheney, which is not on the side of the American people and President Trump. This is why millions of Americans and Republicans are done with the Republican party. These politicians believe Americans voted for them in spite of President Trump and not because of President Trump.

Graham wasn’t done. He then threatened the President by reportedly stating the President should not talk about the (obvious) election fraud in the 2020 election. Americans know the election is a joke, but the bitter politicians in DC don’t:

If this is true, Graham has some soul searching to do and the Republican Party may as well start digging their grave.  Someone needs to tell Graham about how many votes President Trump really won in the election and how many believe this election was stolen.  Not one person you talk to who voted for Trump believe he lost to Joe Biden.  The only people that believe this are Graham, Cheney, McConnell, the Democrats and their Big Media and Big Tech tools.

Graham is truly a politician, like most in DC, who no one trusts.