Has Your Personal Information Been Leaked?

Before you say, “I don’t use Facebook”, just read…

Here’s the backstory

Security company Hudson Rock revealed that over 530 million Facebook account details were dumped onto the internet. Exposed user data includes phone numbers, email addresses, full names, places of work, cities victims live in and birth dates. This type of data can be used for a number of nefarious things, including identity theft.

The breach occurred last year through an exploit in the social media platform. Hackers managed to find a way to see the phone number linked to every Facebook account. The hack was then expanded to include more details.

For whatever reason, Facebook still has not informed those users who were breached.

Were you part of the breach?

Phone # – Visit the tool here and enter your phone number to see if it’s part of the breach. This is specifically for the Facebook breach.

Email Address – Visit haveibeenpwned.com using your mobile device or computer, and enter your email address. If your email address has been included in any leaks online (not just Facebook), you will receive a warning to change the password associated with the email address.


Note from Val: I tested both sites out. I don’t have a Facebook account and when I used the first test with my phone #, it says I’m clear. My daughter’s phone # – not so much. She was breached.

The email address test is from a story posted on 63Red.com (which links it to Breitbart 🙄). After I entered my email address, it said my information had been leaked and a link was sent to verify my email. Once I verified, it showed me the sites where my information has been leaked.

I don’t even know what Straffic is 🤷‍♀️

You do not have to pay for anything. Again, the email check is for all leaks, not just Facebook.

Just make sure you are in the clear.

I know, gay-ish article, but I had no clue about my two breaches shown above until now.