HERE WE GO: Biden Admin Warns Spending Trillions Is Going to Lead to Rising Prices and Inflation

Obviously, not every American was a fan of former President Donald Trump, and that includes a number of Republican voters.

But every honest American regardless of party affiliation (or no affiliation) that his economic policies were fabulous for the country.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, which even rational people believe was manipulated by sadistic albeit well-connected people to hurt the former president, the American economy was running on all eight cylinders.

Businesses were being started while others were being greatly expanded. Corporations that had opted to expand outside the country changed their plans and decided instead to reinvest in the U.S., thanks to the Trump tax reform law’s dramatic reduction of the corporate income tax. Jobs were plenty; wages were going up on their own without a government or voter mandate that they be raised to inappropriate (for the jobs) levels; all demographics were doing better than they were the eight years of Barack Obama.

And inflation was low, as were energy prices.

But the pandemic reversed all of those gains and now the ‘election’ of Joe Biden is going to make economic conditions worse overall.

Don’t take our word for it, though.