If Democrats Will Cry ‘Racist’ No Matter What, Republicans Should Pass Much Stronger Laws

Everyone knows why Democrats don’t want voters to show ID. It has nothing to do with racism, and everyone knows it. So why are we playing this stupid game?

In March, Georgia Republicans amended their state’s election laws in a weak attempt to assuage voters disgusted with their enabling of the 2020 election circus. To punish their political opponents for requiring voter ID and creating an election season of a month long or more Democrats called up their character assassination squads.

Democrats have been throwing every bit of pressure they can at Georgia elected officials to get their way without winning power legitimately through elections. This has included pressure from Democrats’ current and last U.S. presidents, Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

Biden called on companies to push his political goals outside of the legitimate political system by boycotting Georgia. He is the first president to openly push private companies to boycott a U.S. state over fully legal political outcomes he dislikes.

Biden also explicitly voiced support for Major League Baseball economically punishing Americans represented by members of his political opposition by withdrawing MLB’s All-Star game from Atlanta. MLB quickly complied.

Biden called Georgia’s election law “Jim Crow on steroids, what they’re doing in Georgia and 40 other states.” Obama also publicly supported MLB’s use of its private economic power in service of his political party.

Minnesota U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, who openly labels herself a socialist, noted on CNN that boycotts helped end South African apartheid. She also wildly insinuated that Georgia’s law, which makes no distinctions whatsoever related to race, is comparable to a system that explicitly accorded rights and privileges by ethnicity and included state-enabled murderrape, and theft of property based on race.

Stacey Abrams, whose claims to have been deprived of Georgia’s governorship through voter fraud have been treated seriously by the same Democrats and corporate media that have banned Republicans from even mentioning those topics, claimed in USA Today, citing no evidence, that the “targets of SB 202” were “young people, people of color and minimum wage workers.” She called it a “racist, classist bill.” Abrams also encouraged corporations to attempt to skew politics her way with pressure campaigns and political spending.

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