Is This the BLM Prescription for Policing– Let Blacks Kill Blacks?

Black Lives Do Not Matter to BLM. Black Lives are worthless to BLM activists unless the Black Life in question hits the fate lottery and is killed by a police officer. If it is a white officer than your surviving family may have hit the million dollar lottery. But if you are a black baby waiting to be born, forget about it. You don’t matter. The Federal Government eagerly and happily funds Planned Parenthood with tens of million of dollars in order to keep the extermination centers aka abortion clinics, running at full blast. Kill them black babies and they won’t grow up to reproduce. What a clever idea for reducing the black population. Right?

Your black life also is worthless if you are a black teenager in a major U.S. urban center and are slinging dope or running some other kind of hustle and you are shot, stabbed or burned alive by some other black teenager. Nobody outside your immediate family cares whether you live or die. You won’t see BLM or Antifa goons roaming the streets, bombarding cops with bricks and cans of soups, and torching local businesses while shouting your name. Hell, no one knows your name is if you are black and killed by another black person. You are worthless.