Mitch McConnell tells people to get vaccinated and warns against listening to ‘demonstrably bad advice’ from anti-vaxxers

'This is not complicated!'

  • Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell urged Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19 on Tuesday
  • He also warned of a repeat of last year’s rising caseloads and shutdowns if people refuse to protect themselves from the coronavirus
  • McConnell urged people in the United States to ignore ‘demonstrably bad advice’ coming from pundits and anti-vaxxers 
  • As cases skyrocket, he noted nearly all new virus hospitalizations nationwide are among people who have not been vaccinated 
  • Delta variant of the coronavirus has been detected in the U.S. Capitol 
  • Dr. Brian P. Monahan, the attending physician of the Capitol, revealed several fully vaccinated congressional aides have tested positive for COVID 
  • A White House staffer and one in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office tested positive for COVID after attending an event with Texas Democrats 
  • A new poll asked 1,715 U.S. adults whether the COVID-19 virus or COVID-19 vaccines were the biggest threat to America 
  • About 37% of unvaccinated adults said the virus was the greatest threat and 28% said the vaccines pose a greater risk to their health