MUST READ: This Is Why the Democrats are So Afraid of a Valid Audit in Maricopa County – the Results Are Insane

We knew it was garbage when Arizona was called for Biden by FOX News on Election Night.  There are numerous reasons why this was unreasonable and unbelievable.  Here are some of the more obvious reasons.

We knew Biden was not going to do well in Arizona on Election Day.  There were numerous signs.  One was the attendance at an event less than a month from the election where both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were in Phoenix.  There was nobody there.  The news reporter even said there is no one here:

This was consistent with events before the election for Biden across the country.  Trump had more than 1.1 million attendees and Biden had less than 2,000 attendees between Labor Day and Election Day.  Trump had massive crowds while Biden had a few people in circles:

There were close to zero attendees at the Biden – Harris rally in Phoenix but Trump rallies were massive, even when he wasn’t there.  On one occasion a Trump car rally in Arizona was estimated at 96 miles long.  Unfortunately, Twitter took down the related tweet with a video.

The only way Biden could beat President Trump in Arizona and in  Maricopa county was a miracle or to cheat.  This is why the Democrats do not want a valid audit performed in Maricopa County.  This is why they are so scared.

(long story – click on the link if you want to read it all)