President Trump Is STILL More Popular Than Congress AND The Media

Despite a full-frontal assault on the President for half a decade, Donald Trump remains more popular than other institutions in the United States.

Congress had a pitiful approval rating of 15 percent in December, with a whopping 82 percent of Americans telling Gallup they disapproved of the job Congress was doing.


The last time Congress was popular was immediately after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, when all American institutions rode a wave of patriotism.


And the media’s numbers are even worse.

A stunningly low 9 percent of Americans said they trusted the corporate media “a great deal” while another 31 percent said they trusted it “a fair amount.”

Sixty percent of Americans polled said they had “not very much” or “none at all” when asked about trust in the media.


Meanwhile, despite two, partisan impeachments, a Russia hoax, a Charlottesville hoax, a Chinese Communist Party pandemic, and the media and Democrats spinning the Beijing line, the President’s approval rating was 43 percent in November and 39 percent in December.

Just three weeks ago, the President won the accolade of the “Most Admired Man in the Country,” according to Gallup.