Rand Paul calls for the Supreme Court to use a lie detector test to find out who leaked the Roe v. Wade draft

  • The Kentucky Republican accused whoever was behind a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion overturning abortion rights of trying to foment political violence
  • Paul also called for protesters outside of justices’ houses to be arrested
  • Earlier this month someone leaked a draft Supreme Court opinion indicating the conservative majority may overturn landmark case Roe v. Wade
  • It’s inspired protests on both sides of the aisle, with progressives ratcheting up the demonstrations to appear outside conservative justices’ homes
  • The Department of Homeland Security is reportedly also preparing for increased political violence in the wake of the final opinion, which is expected in June 

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul on Thursday urged the Supreme Court to use a lie detector to uncover who leaked an explosive draft opinion that suggests the judicial body could overturn federal abortion protections.

GOP lawmakers have for weeks demanded consequences for whoever was responsible for leaking the draft to Politico earlier this month.

Chief Justice John Roberts confirmed the draft’s authenticity on May 3 and vowed to open an investigation into who committed the ‘betrayal of the confidences of the court.’

‘I think here are forensic ways to figure out – it’s a very small group of people. We’re not talking about hundreds of people. I think we might be talking about a dozen people that would be suspects in this,’ Paul told Fox & Friends.

‘And frankly, there are times when I think employment could ask for a lie detector test.’

He continued, ‘I’d bring in the 12 people and I would ask them all under oath and with a lie detector test: “Did you leak this document?” Because this shouldn’t happen.’

Paul denounced the protests outside conservative Supreme Court Justices’ homes that have sprung up in the wake of the leak, before turning his ire back to the leaker.

‘Liberal or conservative, we don’t want violence,’ the legislator said, adding: ‘But we also don’t want somebody working at the Supreme Court who is a liar and who is dishonest.’