Right on Cue…BLM protesters show up at home of soldier charged with assaulting black man

Dozens of Black Lives Matter protesters rallied outside the South Carolina home of a soldier charged with assaulting a black man in a now-viral video.

“I’m on your yard!” one woman was seen shooting directly at the house believed to belong to Pentland, who went viral for confronting a black man and telling him he was in the “wrong neighborhood, mother f–ker.”

“We just want to talk, we want to understand some things, that’s it,” she shouted in the video, as others said, “No justice, no peace!”

“What you gonna do? You gonna stay in here every day?” the main protagonist shouted. Other clips show even more protesters in the street shouting through megaphones later in the day.

It was not immediately clear if Pentland would have been home at the time as he was arrested Wednesday and charged with third-degree assault and battery for Monday’s caught-on-camera encounter.