Shocking Video Of Lin Wood, Just Days Before Big Bikers For Trump Rally

Just days before the big May 2 Bikers for Trump rally in South Carolina, a candidate for Party Chairman of the state GOP is seen on video confronting his opponent in a surprising exchange, in what can be called a long battle for leadership and direction of Republicans there.

“I know about you and Lindsey. You need to get out of the race now. Nothing can stop what is going to come. I know about you and Lindsey. It needs to come out. It will come out, and you need to accept that, ” Lin Wood is heard saying in a video labeled “Hampton County SC, April 26th” during what appears to be footage from a County convention.  @Suzy1776  posted, “Lin Wood confronts Drew McKissick, on Twitter.

The terse exchange highlighted the growing acrimony between the two candidates – as well as the escalating bitterness among warring factions of the badly splintered party they hope to lead,” reported

 SCGOP chairman Drew McKissick is seeking a third, two-year term leading the party.

“Trump has rewarded McKissick by endorsing him in his reelection bid (twice) – even though the 52-year-old political operative is being challenged by one of Trump’s former election lawyers, Lin Wood,” Fit news reported.

Another confusing twist is that Bikers For Trump, led by Chris Cox, who is very loyal to Trump, will be in the area on South Carolina on May 2, and a headliner is Wood, and Three Star General Mike Flynn, a bold defender of President Donald J. Trump.

“Wood moved to South Carolina earlier this year to challenge McKissick, and his candidacy (circus?) has quickly become an existential threat to the established “Republican” order. Even if McKissick wins reelection next month – an outcome his supporters insist is inevitable – the party could find itself permanently fractured heading into the 2022 election cycle,” fit news wrote.

In the video, Wood is very confrontational, making McKissick audibly nervous.  “You support Chinese pornography, and you need to get out.  Nothing is going to happen,” McKissick said, as his aides surround him and try to keep him walking away from the area where Wood is.

Other footage from the day shows Wood speaking to the crowd, explaining the establishment support for Wood’s opponent and some dirty tricks.  Wood claims he was not allowed to speak and began poking at his opponent.

This is just another one of the tense moments between the two candidates. It started over a Bikers For Trump rally, where Wood’s opponent has been making digs at him for being supported by the Bikers For Trump, who McKissick has been flippant about.

One of the disagreements between Wood and McKissick is the election between the two of them, exposing a deeply broken Republican party in SC.