Sky News: The Leader of the Free World is “Cognitively Delinquent”

“This bloke is without shame,” Jones said. “He hailed the Covid-19 vaccines distributed across the United States as a ‘dose of hope’. That hope, Mr. Biden, was launched on Trump’s watch. Trump ordered millions of vaccines before anyone thought of it.”

Jones quoted Australian defense minister Tony Abbott: “There has been the militarization of the South China Sea; the bullying of neighbors, even India; the trade boycotts against Australia; the abrogation of the “One Country, Two Systems” treaty on Hong Kong; the mass internment of the Uighurs; and, most dangerous for the wider world, the growing belligerence towards Taiwan — a liberal democracy of 25 million people that should not have to submit just because it was part of China more than 100 years and two world wars ago.”