Stefanik tells House GOP she’ll quit leadership after 2022 if they promote her to Cheney’s job now

It’s entirely out of character for an ambitious careerist like Elise Stefanik to offer to give up power even before it’s been handed to her, which means one of two things must be happening. One: The conservative revolt in the caucus against her ascension is more serious than we knew, forcing Stefanik to make a concession up front in exchange for votes. “Hand me Cheney’s leadership role now and I’ll hand it back in 2023 so that you can elect a hardcore MAGA type like Jim Banks. Scout’s honor.”

Two: Stefanik is playing the long game as usualand is hoping to land a tryout during which time she can prove herself to skeptics. She’ll promise the hardcore MAGAs up front that she won’t run in the next leadership election and then use the next 18 months to impress them by becoming the Trumpiest House Republican this side of Marjorie Taylor Greene. She’ll praise Trump effusively and extensively and vote to the right of Jim Jordan on everything that comes her way. By the time 2023 rolls around, the MAGA wing of the party will be so enthused about her they’ll decide not to hold her to her pledge to stand down.

Gotta be one or the other. There’s no way Stefanik would volunteer for a demotionbecause she has other professional priorities.

The New York Republican is telling her GOP colleagues that she intends to finish out the rest of this current cycle as conference chair if she is ultimately elevated to the No. 3 leadership position, according to multiple Republican lawmakers familiar with the conversations.

Then, in the new Congress, she intends to seek the top job on the House Education and Labor Committee, those sources said, a longtime priority for her…

Stefanik, a moderate turned Trump ally, is also vowing to toe the party line and not buck leadership whenever they are whipping for or against something — a promise intended to assuage colleagues that she will not rock the boat like Cheney.

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