TDS infects the HIVE

Through the adoptions of the philosophies of man our society has built pedestals for icons who tickle the ears of their audience. This occurs strikingly with those on the Left.  No longer acceptable are performers who would dare voice an opinion that does not please “the HIVE” (Humans Infected with Vacuous Emptiness).  A hive does not think independently; they do as they are told, or like a pre-programmed bot they do the biddings of the master without a second thought:  The “useful idiot,” the worker drone.  If you kick the HIVE, they become the most intolerant, nasty people on the planet.  Currently the HIVE is infected with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and there is no known cure.  Perhaps a vaccine should be developed.  Calling Bill Gates…

Not limited to just performers, the Left has infiltrated almost every area of modern pop culture and our government with its hive mind.  It uses its influence to promote a Leftist agenda, and to destroy the traditional values that our nation was formed upon.  The concepts of lying and hypocrisy vs. honesty come from the Greeks and Romans and from Biblical law; these ideals, along with the legal ideals of swearing under oath, proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and perjury form the basis of our civilization.

I remember when a “Liberal” was for freedom and liberty, at least that’s what they said.  That was before they jumped down the rabbit hole of postmodernism.

The precursor to political correctness is postmodernism.  The postmodern philosophy is literally a blueprint of how to undermine authority and wrest power.  If your goal is to take control of a society, divide and conquer, what better way is there than to attack the legitimacy of the institutions holding it together?

I won’t bore you with the history of postmodernism except to say that it originated in the late 19th Century.  Fredrick Nietzsche was one of the philosophers who the Left has adopted and twisted into both Communist Theory, and Nazism.  He was Obama’s favorite philosopher.  Nietzsche declared God is dead in the 1860s.  Man proved that he cannot do without God in the next Century.  The legacy of the Left, without God, in the last century is a hideous tale of death, war, and oppression.

A hive does not want or need true creativity, or independent thinkers; it DEMANDS conformity.  When that kind of ideology is in charge of your government, it is extremely dangerous for those of us who are not hive members.

Due to the hive mind, the “normal” position of humanity is a boot on the neck from a government, a tyrant, a local chieftain that rules with an iron fist.  The American experiment with freedom and liberty is truly unique in the world and in world history.  Today, if you say some of the things we say here, freely, you will be arrested for “hate crimes,” or kept locked up for “contempt of court” in order to promote “harmony.”  In America, that happens only when you are a Trump supporter. Do not disturb the HIVE.

America, you are alone in a world of oppression.  The hopes of Freedom, Liberty, and Justice are still only found here.