Thank You

I wanted to take a little time to thank you all for who you are and what you do for me.  I am just a guy who has a family, who works a normal job and who has Conservative and Libertarian ideologies.  Hopefully, most of you have read the About Us page and hopefully you have a pretty good idea why this site exists and what it stands for.

This community you have all built and contributed to gives me great peace; I know there are others out there who share similar views as I do.  I absolutely love spending time here, building bonds of friendship and being constantly updated with important news that affects me.  I don’t have the luxury of time to constantly update this site by myself.  In fact, I have been mostly hands off the last few weeks because I am swamped at work.

There are 3 people who also contribute to this site’s news feeds, stories and success: Val, Ch00Ch00 and KYSTARGAZZER.

Ch00 and KYSG both continually add stories throughout the day.  They are easily the most informed individuals when it comes to breaking news.  They sift through multiple stories from multiple sites and provide the headlines you read throughout the day in the various categories you see on the main page.  I simply could not do this myself.  Please understand that this site wouldn’t work without these two and their talents.

Val runs the show with the top stories and hilarious pictures.  Val takes the time to post top stories, come up with creative headlines and she makes some of the most creative top story pictures you see here.  She moderates the comment board and gets rid of the trash.  She manages the GIFs/Media and takes care of the site whether I am able to or not.  Val changes out the top stories to keep the site fresh and moving.  Val is a trusted friend and great partner to work with.

I want to humbly thank these three for all they do.  Thank you Val.  Thank you Ch00Ch00.  Thank you KYSTARGAZZER.

I also want to humbly and sincerely thank you all of you who come to this site, actively engage in discussion (serious or fun) and make this a great place.  I selfishly enjoy the ability to step away and come to Conservatics to be with my friends.