Don’t forget what Mr. Scott said…

[…] Thus far, no justice, judge or fact finder has found evidence indicating the election results in those states should be overturned.

“Republican governors and Republican controlled state legislatures across the country have upheld the results of their individual states’ elections. States have initiated recounts and audits with no significant change to the election results. The Electoral College has certified its results and still other judges, including judges and justices nominated by President Trump, have ended or declined to assert jurisdiction over these legal challenges.

[…] there is no constitutionally viable means for the Congress to overturn an election wherein the states have certified and sent their Electors. Some of my colleagues believe they have found a path, and while our opinions differ, I do not doubt their good intentions to take steps towards stamping out voter fraud. Importantly, I disagree with their method both in principle and in practice. (link)

Senator Tim Scott Announces He Will Not Support Any Electoral Certification Challenges