UV scanning at AZ audit appears to show them using Jovan Pulitzer’s infamous technique

The methodology behind the Maricopa election audit has been kept under wraps, but video of the audit appears to show the technique that many had hoped to see.

When inventor Jovan Pulitzer testified in Georgia that he could detect fraudulent ballots by scanning them and running them through a high-tech analysis that included pattern recognition algorithms, many who believe the 2020 election was stolen started calling for this process to be widely applied in audits. But the price tag was high and legal roadblocks have slowed or stopped most attempted forensic audits from happening.

Maricopa County in Arizona is one of the first major audits to be performed. It’s happening right now despite multiple attempts by Democrats to block it. A video from the audit, which can be seen live at AZAudit.org, appears to show Pulitzer’s scan in action, though there has been no confirmation of this.

Whether it’s Pulitzer’s technique or not, it appears the audit is being taken seriously.

Inventor and data analyst Jovan Hutton Pulitzer has a process and the patents surrounding the process where he can identify fraudulent ballots based on the paper used, creases in the paper, the ink on the forms, and other characteristics. Pulitzer can identify fraudulent votes which then will ultimately result in the accurate results of the 2020 election when only valid votes are accounted for.

On Saturday the coliseum cameras caught election workers scanning ballots individually in ultra-violent light. It appears the election workers are running true forensic testing on the ballots.

Pulitzer’s technique has been independently verified as accurate, though it has never been used on a massive scale in an actual election audit setting. There is no reason to doubt the efficacy of his process. In fact, those who have a vested interest in preventing the 2020 election from being audited offered to pay him $10 million to keep quiet.

When Jovan Pulitzer gained fame for testifying before state legislatures about voter fraud, he was attacked heavily by mainstream media and Democrats. They tried to discredit the man in hopes that nobody would look at his astounding work in demonstrating how voter fraud was perpetrated during the 2020 election. When that didn’t work, they tried a different approach.

In a recent interview with David K. Clements on The Professor’s Record, Pulitzer revealed something only his inner circle had previously heard. When bullying didn’t work at silencing him, they tried the good ol’ bribe… and what a bribe attempt it was.

“So you know how bad this is, and I’m going to give you a nugget that nobody outside of my inner circle knows this,” he said. “I got offered $10 million dollars to not do this.”

Some prominent conservative figures, including MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and Lt. General Tom McInerney, have said if a true forensic audit reveals massive voter fraud, it could spark a wave of additional audits across the nation. It may be a longshot, but if enough audits prompt patriots to demand action, we could see movement towards correcting the results of the 2020 election.

Our EIC proposed two avenues through which this could take place even if the Supreme Court refuses to act.

A majority of Republicans seem to have moved on from the 2020 elections, focused on fighting the Biden administration and winning in 2022. But there is still a sliver of hope that the actual results of the 2020 can come to light.

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