Virginia State Senator Calls on Trump to Declare Martial Law

Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase, a candidate running for Governor of Virginia in the upcoming election in 2021, wrote on Facebook on Dec. 15 that she won’t accept the Electoral College Vote results the day before and President Donald Trump should declare Martial Law.

“We know you cheated to win and we’ll never accept these results. Fair elections we can accept but cheating to win; never. It’s not over yet. So thankful President Trump has a backbone and refuses to concede. President Trump should declare martial law as recommended by General Flynn,” Chase said in her post.

Flynn wrote “Freedom never kneels except for God” on Twitter on Dec. 1 and attached an ad from “We the People Convention” which urges President Trump to invoke limited Martial law to allow the U.S. Military to oversee a new free and fair federal election if legislators, courts, and the Congress do not follow the Constitution.

On Monday, electors gave Joe Biden 306 electoral votes and Trump 232 electoral votes, while alternate slates of electors were cast for Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Georgia.

The alternate slates of electors put 84 electoral college votes into question.

“Here in Virginia the Democrats legalized cheating at the ballot box to win—all under the guise of covid. The Virginia Democrat Majority repealed voter ID laws, eliminated witness signatures, and allowed voters to drop off sacred ballots in unsecured ballot boxes across the state, destroying the integrity and chain of custody of our ballots. In many other states this would be illegal,” Chase continued.

“I think we need to be very measured in this, but I’m willing to say all cards are on the table. We’re in war, right?” Chase explained on her call for Martial Law in an interview with WRVA Tuesday morning.

Chase indicated that now she’s working with the Virginia Project, an initiative intended for the success of Republicans in Virginia, and attorney Sidney Powell to expose “extensive fraud” in Virginia.

Chase didn’t immediately respond to the request for comment from The Epoch Times.