What Did Trump and House GOP Members Discuss in Bedminster Following FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Raid?

It’s a good thing Donald Trump has a rigid constitution because what he has endured over the past half-decade with the phony government investigations and the Russian collusion hoax would have turned most of us into crack addicts. The next step in the ‘stop Trump’ campaign went into motion Monday when the Biden DOJ ransacked the former president’s Mar-a-Lago home. FBI agents conducted an extensive search, including the safe, which was empty. They were looking for documents he took with him after his presidency, which is improper protocol per the Presidential Records Act. Reportedly, federal agents were seen leaving the premises with boxes of records, but we all know this was done to resurrect the Russian collusion myth and warn the former president to steer clear of the 2024 election.

On Tuesday, a dozen members of the Republican Study Committee from the House met with Trump in Bedminster, New Jersey, following the raid. Reportedly, the original agenda for this dinner meeting was to discuss ways to advance the Trump agenda, which was an economic juggernaut that got kneecapped by the COVID pandemic (via Fox News):

Rep. Jim Banks and members of the House Republican Study Committee are expected to meet with former President Trump at his property in Bedminster, New Jersey, Tuesday evening, Fox News has learned.

Banks, R-Ind., the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, is expected to bring a dozen members of the panel to Trump National Golf Club Bedminster to meet with the former president.

It is unclear, at this point, which RSC members will join Banks.

Fox News reported Monday evening that Trump departed New York City, where he was located during the FBI’s unprecedented raid on his home at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, Monday morning and was heading to his private residence at Bedminster.

You know the topic of discussion was the FBI running amok, prosecutorial overreach becoming systemic within the larger halls of the DOJ, and how none of the essential items of the Trump agenda can be done without also cleaning house in some of our most prominent and most visible government institutions, namely those in the Justice Department. Trump didn’t clear house during his first presidency for numerous reasons. I think he underestimated the threat of the enemy within and didn’t grasp how many internal enemies he had and how far they would go to derail his administration. He had trouble finding people to work for him due to the controversy over the Russian collusion hoax, and his inner circle was not up for the job. I get that your family is loyal and your biggest supporters—that doesn’t mean they should be your go-to on the intricacies of domestic and foreign policy, especially when one, Jared, is a Democrat.

This is an educated guess, but I would hope some of Tuesday night’s Bedminster conference revolved around how congressional Republicans can rein in the DOJ. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has already promised a slate of hearings into the Justice Department over this raid. Will there be follow-through? Yes, the Trump agenda is key to jumpstarting the economy again once the Biden disaster has passed, but the counteroffensive against our enemies must be just as vicious, aggressive, and all-encompassing. Scales will be placed on the table to measure the pounds of flesh. We want scalps. Do congressional Republicans have the stomach for it? That’s a good topic of debate that I hope was brought up by 45 this week.