What Happened This Week?


Sunday (19th)

Chinese Virus  Models had a real tough week.  All major models used have been revised down and have reduced death rates.  One particular model has Florida reducing its projected death rate by 70%.  Key inflated models were proven wrong due to the increased amount of feasting and the lower than expected death tolls in the United States.  Because of all the hysteria from these original models, local and state governments took panicked and drastic measure by implementing draconian regulations.  Half of Los Angeles is now unemployed due to the restricting mandates from Mayor Garcetti and Governor Newsom.  Early predictions and models caused the panic now responsible for the depressed US economy.  Neiman Marcus filed for bankruptcy, putting 14,000 employees out of work.

Regardless of state mandates and regulations, Republicans are moving ahead with plans for a full-fledge National Convention in North Carolina.  Democrats have moved theirs back, but they fear Joe Biden will simply have to accept the nomination with a virtual audience.  The Wyoming Democratic Party has canceled its in-person caucuses and mandates mail-in voting only.

President Trump slapped down Obama again and pledged to end the Obama-era funding to Wuhan Lab.  Profits have plunged 58.8% for China’s state-owned firms in first quarter.

Monday (20th)

Oil prices tanked this week.  At one point, oil went to -$40.  There is simply no place to store the excess oil being produced due to the economy being shut down. Democrats like Ocasio-Cortez shamelessly celebrated the loss of jobs due to oil crashing.  She later deleted that tweet.

The Government shut down the lottery, fearing people will waste their stimulus checks trying to get rich.

California thought it would be a good idea to full skate parks with sand to curb people from skating together.  This idiotic knee-jerk reaction backfired and created a fun dirt bike track.  Some states have announced that they will ease into opening back up.  Vermont, West Virginia, Montana and Hawaii are among those that will ease up as soon as May 4th.

President Trump announced he would be signing an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration.  The Left lost their minds.


The Trump Campaign released a hilarious video- Ad of the year!

Tuesday (21st)

A new bombshell study indicates that 200,00 people have already had the Chinese Virus in L.A. County alone.  US Chinese Virus deaths fell to their lowest level in two weeks.  If Governors don’t start opening their states too, the DOJ may step in and take legal action against their heavy state restrictions.  New York State health officials issued a Do Not Resuscitate order for any cardiac patients without a pulse when 911 is called.

Kim Jong-Un has been in the news cycle this week with many speculating about his health.  South Korea casted their doubt on Kim’s supposed deteriorating health.  US Officials apparently aren’t sure if he is dead or alive.

Judicial Watch subpoenaed Google for Hillary Clinton’s emails.  It’s very interesting to note that they suspect Google of actually having record of her home-brewed server emails.

After Democrats holding up American Small Businesses, the legislative branch finally passed a $450 Billion deal to reinforce the PPP.  Finally!

Wednesday (22nd)

President drew a big beautiful red line and sent Iran a stern warning.


The Education Department goes “America First” and says no higher education emergency aid will be disperse for illegals.  After being called out by President Trump, Harvard elites return the $8.7 Million in government bailout cash they were given.

Joe Biden dreams of picking Michelle Obama as his successor; Vice President.

Thursday (23rd)

As the long awaited spy gate saga continues, Devin Nunes announced that he will be making criminal referrals.  Last week, John Solomon has speculated indictments would drop this week.  Unfortunately, those did not come to fruition.

Iran weakly responded to President Trump’s fierce warning and claimed they would ‘destroy any American terrorist force’.  Iran will do absolutely nothing.

The UN continued its fear mongering by stating the Chinese Virus Pandemic could lead to ‘famines of biblical proportions’.  The US called on China to permanently close their wildlife wet markets. China sends the World Health Organization $30 Million after the US froze funding over W.H.O.’s disastrous response to the Chinese Virus.

Friday (24th)

Jeff Session came out and diplomatically cheered on President Trump’s response to the Chinese Virus.  President Trump signed the Small Business relief bill that was passed earlier in the week.    Joe Biden spreads fake news and said Trump will most likely delay the 2020 Election.

Watchdog file lawsuit against the State of California to stop stimulus payments to illegals.

President Trump says he thinks the report on Kim Jong-Un’s illness was incorrect.  Conflicting reports of Kim’s health continued to surface in the media.  The Chinese State Media has said the Kim Jong-Un has died, but did he?  Twitter was on fire with speculation and unverified pictures.

General Michael Flynn popped back in the news this week.  His Defense said that Brady Docs disclosed by the Government exonerate their client.  Flynn formally requested to withdraw his guilty plea.

Saturday (25th)

There are more questions than answers as the unverified news of Kim Jong-Un apparent death continues to explode.  TMZ reported that Kim died due to a botched heart surgery.  If he dies, his sister would most likely be the successor.

Did he die? Oh well.