What Happened this Week?

Sunday (26th)

Joe Biden had a rough week regarding his creepy predatorily past.  Allegations of his sexual conduct and assaults are finally coming to light, and the Left doesn’t know what to do about it.  Joe is in a particular predicament: “Believe All Women” or “Only Believe Women who Accuse Conservatives”…?

Biden’s accuser, Tara Reade ‘lost total respect’ for CNN and their bias.  Anderson Cooper refused to ask Biden about the accusations- twice.  He failed, again, to be an actual journalist.  Google and Big Tech are currently trying to salvage what’s left of Biden’s completely destroyed-to-shit credibility.  Google removed from their Play Store a Larry King CNN video clip featuring Reade’s mom.

Speaking of fake news, President Trump ripped Fox News and has called for an alternative.

The Chinese Virus lockdown continues to piss off citizens of the US.  Many States started reopening, in phases, their economies by allowing business to do what they do best- drive the economy.  Mnuchin predicted the economy will ‘really bounce back’ in the coming summer months.

Monday (27th)

Michael Flynn made headlines all week.  Speculation has swirled and many thought he would walk free this week.  It is said he may walk as early as May 11th.

The Pentagon formally released three videos of UFOs.

Gun grabbing advocate Piers Morgan cried about President Trump… here is a link to the worthless article.  Nobody cares about Piers Morgan or what he has to say.  But it you want a good laugh, skim it.  Fox Fake News cut their ties with Trump-supporting Diamond and Silk.

New York cancelled their Primary Election.  Of course, what does it matter when a rapist is destined to be the the DNC choice for the Primary Election?  New York will still hold their Congressional and state-level elections… they just thought it was more important to cancel the Primary for the presidency.

Petty Chuck Schumer announced he will introduce a bill to remove President Trump’s name from the stimulus checks.

AG William Barr announced that the Constitution is not suspended in times of crisis.

Tuesday (28th)

Joe still can’t get a break.  Biden’s former rival and now potential VP pick, Kamala Harris, said she believed Biden’s accusers in 2019.  That’s a bit awkward.  What’s even more awkward is that Joe said that we needed more ‘economic intercourse’ with the world. 😱

The Chinese Virus fear has started to fizzle.  We have learned that up to half of all deaths related to the Chinese Virus have been nursing home patients.  The majority in a new poll say that the economy needs to be opened to healthy people who are not vulnerable to the virus.  Americans will most likely hit their breaking point in June with the stay-at-home orders.

Pansy Democrats won’t return to Congress because… Chinese Virus.

Wednesday (29th)

Pfizer may have an emergency use vaccine for the Chinese Virus by September.  That just means another vaccine will be needed for next year’s strain.  And the year after.  Vermont records ZERO new cases of the Chinese Virus after seven weeks.

The US economy shrank by a devastating 4.8%.  This breaks the record long streak of growth the US has enjoyed for years.  President Trump is bringing back fireworks to Mount Rushmore on July 4th after an 11 year absence.

Iran finally responded to President Trump’s brutal threat: Get ready for a ‘hard slap to the face’… 😂 What a bunch of pussies!

Former FBI General Counsel James Baker apparently flipped.  Durham is continuing to build his gigantic case.

Thursday (30th)

James Comey openly admitted to getting away with entrapping Michael Flynn.  ‘I sent them’.

President Trump again correctly calls out CNN for not covering the Michael Flynn story.  He stated that CNN and other should pay a big price for what they did to Flynn.

The Left is not tired of losing.  Congressional Democrats vow to again pursue new articles of impeachment against President Trump.  They wouldn’t do this if they thought he’d lose in November…

Nancy Pelosi failed to adequately defend rapey Biden when a reporter asked compared Joe and Kavanaugh.

Drudge Report officially died this week.  The website refused to cover any Michael Flynn bombshells.  Whoever owns the site has no integrity and failed to inform the people about the truth.

On that note, President Trump said he’d consider bringing Michael Flynn back into his administration.

Friday (1st)

Joe Biden’s accuser said she’d testify under oath. Biden said ‘the facts in this case do not exist’.  Remember, Joe also said in the past that he chooses ‘truth over facts‘…whatever that means.

Unfortunately, unemployment claims topped 30 million because of the Chinese Virus.  Americans want to go back to work and they want the economy opened back up.  Anti-lockdown protesters too to the streets of New York.

President Trump wrecked the Left with a killer ‘Believe Women’ ad that trashes their hypocrisy.  It’s uncomfortable…

He’s alive- Kim Jong-Un.  He made his first appearance after an alleged heart surgery.

Saturday (2nd)

What the hell is wrong with Pelosi (aside from her botched botox injections)? Nancy continued to push payments to illegals with guaranteed income.

Candace Owens was suspended from Twitter for daring to challenge MI Governor Whitman’s tyrannical stay-at-home orders and state lockdown measures.  Candace sent out the following statement:

“Twitter has locked me out of my account but has decided to omit which of their policies I have violated. Apparently, encouraging citizens to go to work is a violation, but Alexandria Ocasión Cortez encouraging workers to boycott and protest is not.”

President Trump’s support skyrockets among Independents.