What Happened This Week?


Sunday (5th)

The death toll of the Chinese Virus first drop in New York. Legendary NFL kicker, Tom Dempsey, died from the Chinese Virus. Marc Cuban challenged leaders to step up because the Chinese Virus is creating ‘America 2.0’. Amid the hot spot outbreak in New York, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is demanding reparations for minority Chinese Virus victims. Cortez has also been know to demand other outrageous things like the Green New Deal, universal basic income and that the Medicare eligibility age be reduced to zero. In World News, UK’s Boris Johnson was hospitalized after contracting the Chinese Virus.

Monday (6th)

WHO Director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus , faced calls for resignation over his gross mishandling of the Chinese Virus, but, he won’t. Oddly enough, Blue States are most hard hit by the Chinese Virus and the Media blames Red States for not doing enough. US Deaths reached over 10,000. Major hit cities reported a leveling off of cases.

Joe Biden had a particularly difficult week, even though he’s out of the public eye. Biden started to speak gibberish and couldn’t remember when the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic occurred. He also had to be corrected by his wife, Jill, over the amount of grandchildren they had.

President Trump offered sympathy to Boris Johnson and also offered help. During his daily Chinese Virus Task Force Presser, President Trump destroyed the fake news “journalists” and called one of them a ‘third rate reporter’. It was a site to behold!

Tuesday (7th)

Chicago’s Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, signed an executive order that provides illegals with benefits during the Chinese Virus Pandemic.

Great News! Disneyland gave out their Churro Recipe while we are all stuck in our homes. Those churros are delicious!

Wednesday (8th)

Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race and officially called it quits. He managed to anger his supporters. He did not endorse Joe Biden, yet. Bernie Sanders only managed to win 7 states during the Primaries of 2020. He end his campaign with no major endorsements.

Linda Tripp, the Clinton-Lewinsky, whistleblower died at age 70.

Fake News CBS can’t control their habit of lying. They once again aired Italy hospital footage for a US Chinese Virus segment. They have been caught lying about the exact same thing before.

Thursday (9th)

The Chinese Virus hysteria has taken a nasty toll on the US economy. A record 6.6 Million employment claimed were filed, bringing the total to over 15 million. Dr. Fauci added to the fearful frenzy by stating people should never shake hands again.

Senator Todd Young (R-IN) called on WHO Chief to testify over his failures with handling the Chinese Virus. The Trump Admin also made moved to revoke China’s authority to provide Telecom service in the US. The Trump Admin also laid the groundwork to open the US economy by May 1st!

Friday (10th)

On Good Friday and during the Chinese Virus pandemic, leaders of all faiths unite in a day of fasting and prayer. Nothing can cancel Easter and the celebration of the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ. President Trump delivered a hopeful Easter message to the American people.

Michigan’s psychotic Governor took restrictions to a new level and went full totalitarian by restricting travel between residences. President Trump declared we are at the “peak” of the Chinese Virus. James Woods trashed Diane Feinstein over her desire to give $5B to Iran, instead of taking care of Americans.

Saturday (11th)

Rand Paul put the Kentucky Governor’s church-goers quarantine idea in check and said, “Take a step back.” Michigan residents begin to call for their psychotic Governor’s impeachment. Somehow, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think American need any financial assistance during the pandemic.

President Trump declared a major disaster in all 50 states at once- a first time in US history. New York hospital among first to use experimental Chinese Virus treatment.

Happy Easter, friends.