White House: Trump Signs Memo to Block Antifa Members From Entering US

President Donald Trump has signed a memorandum seeking to block the entry of individuals affiliated with the far-left movement Antifa to the United States, the White House announced on Jan. 5, saying that the violence spurred on by the group endangers the fabric of the nation.

“Antifa activists have brutally attacked our law-abiding friends, neighbors, and business owners, and destroyed historic landmarks that our communities have cherished for decades,” White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement Tuesday night.

“This violence and lawlessness has no place in the United States and will be called out for the domestic terrorism that it is.

“Today, President Donald J. Trump signed a memorandum to ensure that Federal officials assess actions of Antifa activists in light of Federal laws that restrict the entry of aliens associated with terrorist organizations and aliens intent on criminal activity. President Trump will not allow Antifa, or any terrorist organization, to destroy our great country,” the statement said.

Citing the safety of American citizens, the president’s memorandum states that under the Immigration and Nationality Act, aliens who have engaged or who are likely to engage in terrorist activity and those aliens who seek entry into the United States to engage, principally or incidentally, in unlawful activity, are rendered inadmissible.

It states that active membership in a criminal association must be considered in determining whether an individual may be seeking to enter the country to engage in unlawful activity.

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