Who knew COVID-19 was made up of so much silver?

Tens of thousands of Americans have died, millions have lived in fear of catching the Kung Flu some too scared to leave the house without a mask, small businesses are collapsing left and right, big government is attempting to assert more control – everywhere you look it seems like the end of days.
It’s when things are the bleakest that silver linings shine the brightest.  They give us hope that we will prevail, that we will not only grow in spirit and strength but that we are all connected to one another.  That we are all Americans at the core, regardless of skin color, religion, or political affiliation.  Here are 15 bright sides to the pandemic panic:
1)  Americans are now aware of our medical supply chain starting overwhelmingly in China, including:
  *  80% of the active ingredients in our medications
  *  95% of our antibiotics
  *  Electronic boards for ventilators
  *  The vast majority of masks
2)  Americans now see how much our government has sold us out to China:
  *  American taxpayers funded the lab in Wuhan where the virus originated
  *  Our massive debt is in China’s hands
3)  Americans now see how much Hollywood, sports, and the media are owned by China:
  *  The NBA jumped as soon as their Chinese handlers told them to
  *  The leftist media has been pushing China’s narrative from day one, sometimes verbatim
  *  Now it is known that Hollywood requires China’s approval before they release movies
4)  The leftist media has lost any last shred of credibility:
  *  News consumption has increased in the past few months by 13%, yet only 34% of Americans trust the media, lower than before COVID-19
  *  As President Trump’s pressers become more popular, leftist news sites refuse to air them
5)  President Trump’s pressers have one of the highest ratings on TV:
  *  More people watch President’s daily pressers than watch the Bachelor, ~8.5 million
  *  Some of President Trump’s pressers have seen viewer numbers on par with Monday night football, ~12.5 million
  *  President Trump is using the time to highlight how corrupt the media is and it’s being widely received by Americans
6)  America’s eyes are finally opened to the massive corruption and utter disdain Congress has for We the People:
  *  Democrats have been fear-mongering and blaming President Trump with zero evidence to back up their claims
  *  Democrats have been on a massive spending spree, not to help Americans, but to pay their donors with taxpayer money
  *  Democrats are holding up bills meant to help Americans in desperate situations in order to add their personal pork
7)  Americans are finally clearly seeing why the US Constitution is so important:
  *  Our rights are being taken away willy-nilly by “public servants” who don’t care one iota for We the People under the guise of “public safety”
  *  American Patriots in many states are risking fines and even imprisonment in order to protest the actions of our elected “leaders”
  *  Americans who didn’t realize our civil liberties were being eroded now have their eyes wide open, they see first hand how willing the left is to destroy America
  *  There has been a massive spike in gun sales, mostly from first-time buyers
8)  Americans now see how much control the left wants over We the People:
  *  Governors are placing numerous unConstitutional restrictions on the lives of their constituents from where you can go, who you can see, and what you must wear
  *  Democrats aren’t even trying to hide their desire to make America a socialist country, they openly admit they want to make the Green New Deal and the New Way Forward Act part of any COVID-19 bill
9)  China is starting to be held accountable by We the People AND our government:
  *  Several state-level lawsuits are being filed against China
  *  At least 4 federal-level lawsuits are being filed against China
10)  Americans are finally starting to realize the power is OURS:
  *  For decades the same people have been in office, selling America away to China.  Those people are being exposed and vilified by We the People
  *  Patriots in numerous states have marched en mass to protest various parts of the shutdown
  *  Recall petitions for many elected Democrats have been signed by hundreds of thousands of Americans
11)  Manufacturing is coming back to America:
  *  President Trump used his war powers to demand America starts manufacturing our own medications and medical supplies
  *  President Trump signed an EO reducing governmental restrictions on small businesses and manufacturing
  *  Many big businesses have promised to move their manufacturing back to America
12)  American businesses stepped up to help and have done better than the government (except the US military, HOOAH!):
  *  Many businesses changed directions of what they manufactured and started producing items needed in America
  *  Many businesses have donated and volunteered to help in any way they can
  *  Many businesses have promised to have more ‘Made in America’ products, to hire more employees, and to raise wages
13)  Americans came together during the largest governmental SNAFU in American history:
  *  Medical personnel have been working around the clock
  *  Americans have been making an effort to reach out to their communities, their neighbors, to help at the local and national levels
  *  The conservative media is now starting to end many shows by highlighting the big hearts and generous nature of Americans
  *  Even children have stepped up by performing music for neighbors, by making artwork meant to let others know they aren’t alone, and by sewing masks for healthcare workers
14)  It hasn’t been the actors, musicians, nor athletes that Americans have been standing behind and lauding but rather the people who really make American life possible:
  *  Truck drivers
  *  Medical personnel
  *  Teachers (the non-political ones)
  *  Farmers
  *  Grocery store workers
  *  Volunteers
  *  Janitors
  *  Religious leaders
  *  Factory workers
15)  Patriots in several fields are rising to the top as the, “I was just doing my job” jackboots are outed:
  *  Americans are aware of which police officers/precincts who are upholding unConstitutional laws and which don’t
  *  Americans see which government officials are doing their best for We the People and those who are actively working to use this boondoggle as political leverage
  *  Scientists and doctors using COVID-19 as a way to gain fame are being vilified while the ones doing the real work are being celebrated
No matter what hardship America faces, We the People will always shoulder the burden with a zeal unrivaled by any other country.  What has made America great hasn’t been our government, but our People.  I’m grateful to be a citizen of the greatest country this world has ever seen.


– Xena