‘You came to the wrong neighborhood motherf****r’

To give you a clearer background – this is a gated community. This black kid, who doesn’t live in this gated community, was walking up and down this street for 15 minutes. All he said was he lived close by.

Fort Jackson Drill Sergeant is charged with assault after shoving black man inside South Carolina gated community and telling him: ‘You came to the wrong neighborhood motherf****r’

  • Jonathan Pentland, 42, was charged Wednesday, Richland County Sheriff said
  • A video of his altercation in the Summit neighborhood quickly went viral Monday
  • The three-minute clip shows Pentland repeatedly scream at the man – identified only as Deandre – to ‘go away now’ before pushing him 
  • Cassie Pentland, his wife, can also be heard shouting at the black man and telling him police have already been called when he tells them to alert authorities 
  • Pentland has been a drill sergeant at Fort Jackson since at least 2019
  • Fort Jackson Commanding General Milford Beagle, Jr, had already posted to Twitter to announce that the video would be investigated