First and foremost, do not engage in infighting.  Disagreeing is one thing- creating a shit show for everyone to see isn’t.  Should you and others engage in a complete shit show displayed for everyone to see, you will be either placed on a timeout or permanently banned.  Conservatics is not a platform for hosting your incessant drama, complaints and displeasure.  Email or text each other, go to Breitbart or Twitter to do it…. it’s not happening here.

We reserve the right to ban anyone.

This is a Free Speech Zone with a few caveats…

Don’t Spam. Don’t Clone. Don’t Dox. If you do, goodbye

Don’t Harass – Poking fun and being a jerk is ok, but don’t target and stalk

Don’t be a weird creeper.  By creepy, we mean creepy stalker creepy or weird

Posting Links is totally cool and encouraged

Don’t post porn, multi-level marketing or spam links

Have fun, enjoy and post freely!


This is an open environment for free speech, engaging discussions, casual conversation and fun!