Anti-Trump Reprisals

As Joe Biden, an illegitimate president, was sworn in at a funereal inauguration ceremony surrounded by thousands of U.S. troops, Democrats were busy plotting and scheming and planning reprisals against Republicans for doing nothing other than supporting his duly elected predecessor.

These anti-democratic Democrats have been driven to utter madness by the events of January 6 even though what happened that day does not compare with the months of Antifa and Black Lives Matter murdering people and burning down cities to protest the Fentanyl-caused death in police custody of George Floyd, a drug-addicted career criminal who resisted arrest.

Even the claim that five people were killed January 6 is a lie that the Left is using as propaganda against Orange Man Bad and his backers.

Three of the people –Trump supporters— who died during or after the rally died of medical emergencies.

Kevin Greeson, 55, from Alabama, who had high blood pressure, experienced a heart attack “in the midst of the excitement,” his family said. Benjamin Phillips, 50, from Pennsylvania, had a stroke. Media reports indicate Roseanne Boyland, 34, from Georgia, was trampled by the mob but it is unclear what actually happened. A purportedly authentic redacted police incident report in case #21002749 states that Boyland “was witnessed to collapse during the protest demonstrations at about 1700 hours. … Despite all lifesaving efforts, SUB-1 died and was pronounced dead by Dr. Pyle at 1809 hours.”

Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt, 35, from California, was shot to death under suspicious circumstances by a police officer inside the U.S. Capitol. Another police officer, Brian David Sicknick, 42, reportedly died after being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher but an investigative report by National File’s Patrick Howley suggests the event didn’t happen and that the policeman succumbed to a preexisting medical condition.

But lies in the service of social justice are noble and justified, according to the Left.

The same goes for violence committed in the name of social justice.

As everyone knows, punishing people for doing bad things is not part of the Democratic Party’s agenda. Violence against disfavored individuals and institutions is condoned, and even praised because it is simply part of retail politics for the Left. They don’t go after their friends.

This explains why Democrats have shown no interest in going after Black Lives Matter (which the DNC officially endorsed) and Antifa as the two movements’ activists assaulted Trump supporters and firebombed courthouses and ICE facilities. They don’t care that leftists attacked and threw fireworks at Trump supporters around “Black Lives Matter Plaza,” the fake public square D.C.’s Democrat mayor installed outside the White House that honors the terrorists and murderers of the BLM movement, on November 14 after the Million MAGA March. They’ve already forgotten about Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson who came close to assassinating Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) at a congressional baseball game in 2017.

Pushing the demonstrable falsehood that the 45th president of these United States incited a January 6 riot at the United States Capitol in order to derail the congressional certification of Electoral College votes and usher in a Trumpenreich or something, left-wingers on Capitol Hill and across America are screaming for blood.

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