Army Captain Suspended For Tweet About Friend’s Bra Size

Army Captain Rick Dickson was suspended Wednesday after tweeting about his friend’s bra size, according to The Army Times.

The public affairs officer posted a photo of him with a female friend who is a fellow Iraq veteran on his personal Twitter page. He then commented on the photo, saying, “obviously, all the likes were because of me.” Dickson referenced his friend’s bra size in the since-deleted tweet saying, “G’s btw.”

An Army official familiar with the situation said even though Dickson posted the tweet on his personal Twitter page, he isn’t excused. “That doesn’t excuse any distasteful or potentially inappropriate language being used,” the official said.

Dickson was placed on suspension Wednesday, and officials are investigating whether or not the Army Captain violated policy on social media guidance, according to the Army Times report.

In an apology video posted on May 16, Dickson said, “I’ll definitely do better on what I post from here on out.”

“After she was getting added by a bunch of people on Instagram and tagged in a bunch of different things, we decided that, instead of taking a jab at every single individual person that was doing that, we’re going to put something out,” he said in the video. “We apologize for anyone that’s offended. It’s certainly not meant to be that way, and we took the tweet down. And I’ll definitely do better on what I post from here on out.”

The female friend appeared in the video saying, “it did not bother me.”

“I’m not big on social media, so to see that individuals took time out of their day to jab at my physical appearance, I mean it’s not only degrading, it hurts me,” she added.

“At the same time, if you’re going to take time out of your day to degrade me, then at least be factual with it. The size was incorrect, so I gave the right size.  It did not bother me to send it back at them,” she concluded.