Beauty queen wife of Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin files for DIVORCE on same day he is arrested

  • Kellie Chauvin’s lawyers said Friday that she was filing for divorce from Derek Chauvin, her husband of about a decade
  • The announcement came as Derek was charged with George Floyd’s murder
  • Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on George Floyd’s neck during an arrest over an alleged fake $20 bill on Monday, leading to his death 
  • revealed Kellie was charged with writing a bad $42 check in February 2005 in Wisconsin, while married to her ex-husband
  • A rumor on social media claims that one of those officers, Tou Thao, is Kellie Chauvin’s brother and, therefore, Derek Chauvin’s brother-in-law. However, there’s no proof of this; most sources claim that the four officers involved aren’t related.