Chauvin Juror Admits Deceiving Judge, Urges More BLM Activists to Invade Juries to ‘Spark Some Change’

A Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist is admitting that he misled the judge to remain a juror in the Derek Chauvin murder trial, and he is urging others to do the same, to get on juries in order to “spark some change.”

Juror #52, who has since been identified as Brandon Mitchell, told Judge Peter Cahill that he had no previous knowledge of the George Floyd civil case ruling to stay on the jury. Floyd’s family received a payout of $27 million because their crackhead serial felon relative died during a police encounter last year.

Two jurors were dismissed from the case because they honestly told Judge Cahill that knowledge of this $27 million payout would bias them from adequately serving in their role on the jury. Mitchell was adamant that he would not be biased and knew nothing of the details of the case.

However, Mitchell can be seen in August 2020 wearing a BLM shirt with the slogan, “Get your knee off our necks,” which refers directly to Floyd’s case. A recent appearance on a radio show indicates that he was motivated more by his anti-cop racial agenda while serving as a juror than fidelity for justice and the rule of law.