Socialists Shocked: ’the results are not what we expected’

Conservative Javier Milei overcame the Peronist machine, the MSM opposition, and is the new president of Argentina in a blowout result.

After finishing second place behind Finance Minister Sergio Massa, Milei got the support from former President Mauricio Macri and his candidate Patricia Bullrich, who finished in third place in the October first round. Since then, Milei jumped ahead in the polls.

“The people have expressed their will. Millions of Argentines voted and defined the destiny of the fatherland for the next four years. I am a man of democracy, and I don’t value anything more than the popular will,” Fernández wrote. “I trust that as soon as tomorrow we will begin to work with Javier Milei to guarantee an orderly transition.”

Milei’s Liberty Advances Party first entered the Argentine Congress in 2021, giving Milei himself his first political experience and rising at the expense of both the socialist Peronists and the unpopular center-right establishment. The Peronists lost the Argentine Congress in 2021 for the first time since 1983. He has for years condemned politicians as “parasites” and referred to the nation’s career politicians as a “caste” that lives at the expense of the average Argentine citizen. As an economist, he has focused his public rhetoric for years on the wealth-generating power of unfettered capitalism, condemning socialism as an “impoverishing system” that allows for “parasites” in politics to live lavishly while most people suffer. To combat inflation and economic collapse, Milei has promised to “dollarize” the country – make the U.S. dollar an official Argentine currency – and eliminate the Argentine Central Bank. Milei famously appeared on television destroying a piñata version of the Argentine Central Bank to celebrate his birthday.


Milei will take office on December 10.