America’s borders extend across the Atlantic Ocean and deep into Eastern Europe, geographically challenged Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) asserted from the House floor Saturday before the House passed a $61 billion aid bill to Ukraine.

Connolly blasted Republicans advocating to address the southern border (the actual United States border) before considering foreign aid – a position long held by Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) before he suspiciously changed his mind after a February 28, 2024, White House visit.

“Some say, ‘Well, we have to deal with our border first,’” Connolly said from the House floor. “The Ukrainian Russian border is our border!”

Republicans, exasperated after months of fighting Ukraine aid only to be betrayed by their own Speaker, pointed out the ridiculousness of Connolly’s screed.

“The America Last Uniparty in a nutshell,” Rep. Andrew Clyde lamented in response. Clyde shared the astounding video on X.

Connolly’s geography lesson didn’t end there. “It’s the border between depraved autocracy and freedom-loving people seeking our democratic way of life,” he continued. “Do we have a stake in that outcome? Yes, undeniably yes.”

But his claim was not “undeniable” to the majority of Republicans, with 112 voting against the Ukraine aid and only 101 for it. Johnson, siding with Connolly and the other Democrats, opposed the clear majority of his party by supporting the bill, once again violating the Hastert Rule.

Not all America’s borders are equally deserving of attention in Connolly’s view, apparently. He voted against a bill Saturday to secure America’s southern border.

Because Johnson chose to move the border bill under suspension of the rules, it needed two-thirds support to pass. It received majority support but failed by a 215 to 199 vote.