House Democrats passed a controversial police reform bill late on Wednesday evening that critics argue would effectively “defund the police” by costing police departments across the country hundreds of millions of dollars that they say will force those departments to make cuts to their budgets.

“Democrats just voted to defund the police,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said in a statement. “The unfunded mandates in their bill, H.R. 1280, would cost police departments hundreds of millions of dollars—the equivalent of taking 3,000 cops or more off the streets. Our men and women in uniform deserve better.”

Jordan’s office said that the bill was developed without any Republican input and that Democrats rejected the following common-sense proposals that Republicans wanted to add:

  • strengthen the anti-lynching provision;
  • ensure our Border Patrol has the necessary equipment to fight dangerous cartels;
  • prevent unions from shielding bad cops in collective bargaining agreements; and
  • require that federal law enforcement agencies record interviews.

Jordan’s office said that the bill does nothing to stop attempts to defund and dismantle police departments and that it will limit the tools and procedures that law enforcement is able to use while combatting crime on America’s streets.

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) offered Democrats a way out late on Wednesday night — a chance to vote on an amendment that “recognizes and appreciates” those who serve in law enforcement and “condemns calls to ‘defund,’ ‘disband,’ ‘dismantle,’ or ‘abolish’ the police.”

219 Democrats voted against the amendment, which stopped it from being added.

“The legislation overhauls qualified immunity for police officers, bans chokeholds at the federal level, prohibits no-knock warrants in federal drug cases and outlaws racial profiling,” Axios reported. “It would also establish a national registry of police misconduct to be managed by the Department of Justice.”

“The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act will address systemic racism, curb police brutality and save lives,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. “This legislation includes bold reforms, which ban chokeholds, stop no-knock warrants, end the court-created qualified immunity doctrine, combat racial profiling, and establish strong new standards and protections to prevent and combat police misconduct.”