A far-left activist group called the “People’s CDC” is demanding for the government to reimplement senseless and dehumanizing mask mandates, arguing that “the vaccine-only strategy promoted by the CDC is insufficient.”

The People’s CDC has received glowing coverage in the New Yorker. An article, written by Emma Green and titled “The Case for Wearing Masks Forever,” was published on Wednesday calling the psychotic cult-like organization a “ragtag coalition of public-health activists” who “believe that America’s pandemic restrictions are too lax.”

According to The Post Millennial, the group’s media team organizer, “Dr.” Lucky Tran, claims that mask refusal is a form of white supremacy.

Big League Politics has reported on the incredible damage caused to society, especially among the youth, due to forced mask policies:

A new study has been released showing that the wearing of face masks results in a shocking 23 percent decrease in child development, as the never-ending COVID-19 pandemic destroys future generations.

Brown University scientists Sean CL Deoni, Jennifer Beauchemin, Alexandra Volpe, and Viren D’Sa conducted the study, with the support of consulting firm Resonance, based on data collected by 1,600 children up to the age of 5.