Horrifying moment Florida woman, 32, beats and DROWNS her pet Chihuahua in swimming pool before livestreaming its dead body: Sheriff says ‘there is a special place in hell for this woman – and until she gets there she’s going to rot in our jail’

  • Erica Black was charged with felony animal cruelty as police released video and photos of her drowning and beating her dog
  • Shocking home video shows the moment Black, 32, grabs her Chihuahua, Sadie, and drowns the dog in a swimming pool as it struggles for its life
  • Black went on to beat the slam the dog against the floor four times and posed next to its lifeless body as she took photos for social media
  • Police said she left the body on a sofa for several days before showing it off during a livestream video
  • The charge added $15,000 to Black’s already existing $150,000 bond for stabbing her 68-year-old roommate twice on July 27