Former Top AG Gives Final “Closing Argument” On Why 2020 Election Can’t be Certified

Philip Kline, a patriot and the former Attorney General of Kansas gave his “closing argument” on why the 2020 election can’t be certified.

And it’s quite compelling and convincing.

Kline took to Twitter, where he painstakingly listed 13 reasons why the 2020 election is fraudulent.

1. We witnessed a two-tiered election system in which state and local officials targeted Biden constituencies to turn out the vote while targeting Trump constituencies to depress the vote.

2. There was a use of private funds to pay election judges and officials who managed the way ballots were received, accepted, cured, and counted.

3. We witnessed private interests dictate and encourage local election officials to violate state laws protecting the integrity of the ballot.

4. We witnessed the consolidation of voting counting centers to justify the delivery of hundreds of thousands of ballots to one location, removing Republicans from their lawful right to view the receipt, handling, and counting of ballots in the consolidated counting centers.

5. There have been initiating scores of lawsuits as early as March of 2020 to undermine ballot integrity measures.

6. In the 2020 election we witnessed the accepting and receiving of more than $400 million from private interests to dictate terms in which the election would be managed in Democrat strongholds.

7. Groups with private interests were allowed to gain special access and use of sensitive citizen information maintained by government.

8. We saw a single party benefiting from Big Tech monies and censorship of information.

9. There was training for left-leaning poll workers in Democrat strongholds on how to commit fraud.

10. We’re witnessing the fight against transparency by resisting legitimate requests to audit and review ballots, ballot envelopes, and computer logs.

11. We’ve seen officials threaten legislators with criminal investigation and prosecution if they disagreed with blue state executive officials on the election result.

12. We have witnessed Republican legislators being locked out of their state capitol to prevent them from meeting and challenging election certification.

13. We have witnessed the engaging of illegal ballot harvesting.

This conduct resulted in an election in which the American people cannot have faith, which violates state law and which should not be certified.

There is just too much suspicion, evidence, oddities, irregularities – you name it – to certify this election.