Fox stars Hannity, Tucker, Bartiromo, Pirro and Dobbs are deposed as part of $1.6B Dominion Voting lawsuit

  • Dominion Voting Systems sued Fox News in March last year for $1.6billion 
  • The Colorado company claims its reputation was irreparably damaged by Trump’s claims that its machines in the 2020 election were rigged 
  • Dominion is suing multiple right-wing news outlets including Fox
  • Hosts Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro were deposed last week 
  • Lou Dobbs was deposed yesterday and Sean Hannity will be deposed today 
  • Maria Bartiromo will also be deposed next week as part of the lawsuit 
  • They all hosted pro-Trump guests on their shows to discuss their claims
  • Fox’s attorneys argue they were merely covering the biggest news story in recent history and were not pushing election fraud claims 

Fox News hosts Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro and Lou Dobbs have all been deposed over allegations they perpetuated election fraud lies and damaged the reputation of Dominion Voting by hosting friends and advocates of Donald Trump on-air.

Dominion filed a lawsuit against Fox News in March last year, alleging the network deliberately spread a false narrative that its machines and counting systems were rigged in favor of President Joe Biden.

It was a story that every news outlet in the world covered, but Dominion claims that Fox gave a particularly sympathetic ear to Trump’s claims.

Carlson and Pirro were deposed last week whereas Dobbs was deposed yesterday. Hannity is due to be questioned today, and Maria Bartiromo will be questioned next week.

Dominion’s attorneys claim that even if they didn’t push the narrative themselves that the election was rigged, they gave way to the idea by allowing Sidney Powell, Trump’s attorney, and Rudy Giuliani, his long-time advisor, on-air to talk about it.

Fox is fighting the lawsuit and has repeatedly tried to have it thrown out, claiming the journalists were just doing their jobs and covering the election fraud claims like any other news outlets.

Prior to the examples laid out by Dominion, Fox’s hosts had been skeptical of Trump’s election claims and critical of his refusal to accept the election result.

Dominion’s lawyers say that it turned pro-Trump viewers off.

In what they describe as a deliberate U-turn of the coverage to win those viewers back, Dominion says show hosts started sympathetically covering the election fraud claims.

Dominion’s lawyers also say they have proof that the hosts knew it wasn’t true. That proof is in emails and texts they say shows the journalists and producers discussing it off-air with far more skepticism than they ever did on-air.

Fox insists to that those emails and texts have been taken out of context.

‘Pirro’s coverage of these matters of public concern and widespread importance lies at the heart of the First Amendment,’ they said.

None of the individual hosts are named as defendants in the suit, which asks for $1.6billion to restore Dominion’s reputation.

In a response to a different lawsuit filed by Smartmatic, whose software is used in the Dominion machines, Pirro’s attorneys said she shouldn’t be held liable for ‘doing what she does best’.

The voting company claims it will never be able to recover from the tarnish of Trump’s repeated claims that its machines were rigged to count votes for him as votes for Biden.