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In-Person Roll Call:

Party conventions traditionally begin with a roll call of all the states, and Democrats chose to do theirs entirely virtual. State delegates marched to the most iconic areas in their states, rattled off their vote counts, and those videos were then played on the day of the DNC.

Republicans, however, chose to gather its more than 300 delegates in North Carolina, resulting in a much more raucous affair.

There Will Be An Audience:

The lack of an audience was perhaps the most jarring part of last week’s DNC, with live and pre-recorded speeches being delivered to little more than a dozen people.

Trump Will Speak Every Night:

While the DNC sought to build up to its nomination of Vice President Joe Biden and his subsequent speech on the final night of its convention, Trump has made the decision to appear at some point in all four nights of the RNC.

Destination Speeches:

Virtual speeches give the conventions much more versatility where their speeches are delivered from, and Republicans are taking full advantage. Some won’t even be broadcast from the United States.

Trump and his wife Melania will both be delivering their addresses from the White House, with the First Lady taking the newly-renovated Rose Garden and the president expected to use the South Lawn.