History: Green Nazis Beat Al Gore to “Global Warming”

Green Nazis

What’s the idea with this article? Well, some of you probably know it, and many of you will now learn that today’s Green Movement actually originated in Nazi Germany. Because the Left is so quick to label anything they disagree with as “Fascist”, today I’ll detail how (as always with them) they are the ones carrying the ideas of Nazis for all these years.


The Bottom Line is This: Not only did Al Gore NOT invent the Internet, but that con artist also did NOT invent the idea or concept of “Global Warming”.

I have no intention to spend hours writing here. The whole idea is:

  1. To bring this matter to your attention
  2. To give you a few facts, names and links; if you want to know more, you are now armed with some information that will give you more clarity on the matter.

Let’s Start…

There was an Austrian Nazi, just like Hitler, named Guenther Schwab (1902-2006). In 1958 he wrote the book Play with the Devil. That novel was based on the book called Faust, written by Goethe. In that book we developed the possibility of some kind of a Global Warming caused by industrial pollution, where he ended in a Goethe-style apocalypse. Until 1970, this book was translated to tens of languages and millions of copies were sold. In one part of that book, he touches on the false “problems” with oxygen and C02; he predicted that Earth would last just another 100 years. The North and South poles would melt and would result in a flood of epic proportions.

Schwab was a nature lover. In the 1920’s, he joined the Green movement in Germany. Later he joined the Nazis. Hitler was nature lover, too. His private base was built in the spectacular mountainous area in Bavaria.  He called it “Berghof” http://www.thirdreichruins.com/berghof.htm

After the second World War, Gunther Schwab played the major role in development of the Green movement and also the movement against nuclear energy of West Germany. The creation of the atomic bomb and the current cold war fueled the globalization of the Green movement with the image that this movement would be for World “Peace”.  Schwab was one of their leading members. Huge renovations of ruined West Germany and one fantastic industrialization of that country sealed the Green Movement’s hatred for “Global Capitalism”.

Later, Schwab joined the panel named “The society of Biological Anthropology, Eugenics and Behavior Research”. From that time on, he was very much occupied with huge populations of the “Third World Countries”  and he was sure that one day they would flood the European Continent. From all this, the actual Green Peace movement was born, with all of their theories on how Capitalism (Imperialism) is the main “Evil” and how it is killing the world ecology.

In combination with all this, Schwab strongly believed in modern racist “science” based on genetics and the Nazi doctrine of “Blood and Soil”, which was completely loaded with eco-imperialistic ambitions.


With the big success of his book, Schwab managed to start the International Organization for “saving” the environment called “The World League for the Defense of Life”.

Not surprising for the leader of that Organizations he picked up guy named Werner Haverbeck, Hitler’s ex-jugend and leader of Nazi “Reich League for Folk National Character”.

In 1973, this same character blamed only one country for the pollution of West Germany: America and its Capitalism.

This Organization, and these two (Schwab and Haverbeck) were the main figures in starting up the German “Green Party” in 1980.


Of course, they needed a little effort to hide the background of their founders, because it would not look good if people found out they were Fascist soldiers.  Here comes the biggest paradox of all: One would think that being “Green” would automatically mean being a pacifist and against the war. Not only were the founders Nazis, but that freshly formed party was one of the first to vote for the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (bombing of Christian Serbs over the Muslim garbage in Bosnia and Kosovo). For that, look little closer in the article (link above).

So, many years before Al Gore’s bullshit movie called “An Inconvenient Truth”, the Green Nazi named Schwab already seeded the bullshit theory of the “Global warming”.

Maybe that’s why in the 30’s, he planted the forest in Germany by the village of Zernikow, NorthEast from Berlin, with the certain type of trees planted in the shape of swastika, which you could notice only in Spring and Fall by the two different types of trees (see picture). Guess how long it took them to figure they had huge swastika in their forest? They took these trees down in 1990.

To conclude, I just wanted to remind you that this hoax of “Global warming” didn’t start with Al Gore, but with crazy Nazis; and, it was just continued by the Leftist crooks of today.

The Proven recipe of Fascists and today’s Leftist: Spit at “dirty Capitalism”, point finger at “evil Imperialism” and scream “Fascists”.

They continue what Fascists and Communists know the best:  Fill up your pockets while you take heads off, left and right.

It’s a proven recipe that (surprisingly) works to this day.

-Chicago Dude

Author’s Note: Most of you know of my broken English, and I apologize for any (and all) of my errors.